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What Is the Purpose of Soffits in Your Home?

The soffit is the flat panel that covers the underside of the rafters between the back of the fascia and the outside of the house wall. Soffit comes from the Latin word “suffixus” meaning “fixed underneath”, which perfectly describes where a soffit is located in your home. It’s not made to stand out or be flashy, but exterior soffit has its role nevertheless. 


Why It’s Worth Getting Seamless Gutters

When it comes to residential and commercial roof installation, having the right materials and components is important in keeping your home safe and secure. You’ll also need to think about your gutters, especially if it’s time to replace them. Although it may be a bit more expensive, a seamless gutter system comes highly recommended for most homes since it offers long-term benefits that make it worth the investment. 


The Benefits of Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

As a commercial roof installation and maintenance expert, Balken Roofing strongly recommends investing in a regular maintenance program for your commercial roof. A well-maintained commercial roof has many benefits. It lasts longer, better protects against the weather and saves you significant amounts of money.