Why Does Old Underlayment Need to Be Replaced?

Roofs are expected to be sturdy to withstand extreme weather conditions. However, while your system’s shingles are equipped to protect your home against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and other elements, gaps can allow your roof to be infiltrated by dirt, water and debris, which can reach the underlayment. 


Things to Expect From a Written Gutter Replacement Quote

Your gutters work hand-in-hand with your roof to direct excess water away from the important parts of your home. If you are thinking about replacing your old ones, then you need to talk to a few local roofing contractors and ask for a written estimate. If it’s your first time and don’t quite know what to expect, here are three things that should be present in every gutter replacement quote. 

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Why Gutter Screws Matter

Even if your gutters are perfect when installed, the wear and tear of the seasons can cause them to gradually loosen. When left unchecked, the screws will come out completely, and the gutter will sag as a result.