Green Solutions

With the cost of living rising and homeowner’s discovering more eco-friendly options in roofing we are committed to build a greener community through green roofing systems including cool roofs, living roofs, and solar systems that are growing in popularity.

Balken Roofing and our sister company, Asheville Skylight, we take the environment in which we are living in seriously and are committed to building a greener Asheville area. In building a greener Asheville and Western North Carolina, area we provide both residential and commercial green roofing solutions. Moving to a greener solution can not only lower your energy bills but also help improve the environment for your community. In showing our commitment to building a greener community we provide a number of green roofing solutions including, cool reflective roofs, living roofs, Skylights & Sun Tunnels, Solaris shingles, and more.

After three generations of roofing experience, Balken Roofing is the green roofing contractor of choice in and around the Asheville area. Not only are we committed to providing green solutions for our customers but we are committed to building a greener community as well. We partner with Griffin Waste to remove all roofing debris from your home or building in Asheville, these shingles are not only recycled but help to pave the roads of Western North Carolina, “from roof to roads,” as Griffin states, read the full story here:

If you want to lower your energy cost, call Balken Roofing today for a free estimate at 828-628-0390 (Asheville) or fill out an estimate request form so our Balken Roofing team can help you make our community a greener environment.

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