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Things to Expect From a Written Gutter Replacement Quote

Your gutters work hand-in-hand with your roof to direct excess water away from the important parts of your home. If you are thinking about replacing your old ones, then you need to talk to a few local roofing contractors and ask for a written estimate. If it’s your first time and don’t quite know what to expect, here are three things that should be present in every gutter replacement quote. 


Preventing Legionnaire’s Disease With Clean Gutters

Legionnaires disease is a serious illness that affects your muscles and your respiratory system. Also known as legionellosis or Pontiac fever, this type of disease is caused by the Legionella bacteria, a waterborne bacteria found in freshwater. That said, local roofing contractors say that a good gutter system can help reduce the risk of your household being exposed to this bacteria. Read on to find out why.


What to Consider When Planning a Gutter Replacement

Planning a gutter roof replacement won’t be difficult if you work with experienced residential and commercial roof installation contractors. They’ll help you plan the project without going beyond your budget. But you also need to consider other factors of your project, such as the labor and installation fees as well as the material costs.