Preventing Legionnaire’s Disease With Clean Gutters

Legionnaires disease is a serious illness that affects your muscles and your respiratory system. Also known as legionellosis or Pontiac fever, this type of disease is caused by the Legionella bacteria, a waterborne bacteria found in freshwater. That said, local roofing contractors say that a good gutter system can help reduce the risk of your household being exposed to this bacteria. Read on to find out why.

Clean Gutters

Stagnant Water and Bacteria

Stagnant water serves as the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, including Legionella. Unfortunately, water tends to accumulate inside the gutters, especially if the gutters are clogged or damaged in a way that prevents water runoff from flowing into the downspout. As the bacteria multiply, they also end up being spread when the next rain comes and causes the water to flow just enough.

De-clogging Gutters

A clogged gutter must be cleaned as soon as possible not just to prevent bacterial growth, but also to prevent moisture damage in other parts of your home. Since getting on the roof in order to clean the gutters can be dangerous, we strongly recommend hiring professionals to keep things safe.

Replacing Damaged Gutters

Bent or misshapen gutters can also prevent water from flowing properly towards the downspout, causing water to stagnate even with light rain. Fortunately, severely damaged sections can be replaced, and small signs of malformations can be fixed depending on the material.

Professional Gutter Services

Because checking the gutter for signs of clogging or damage can be unsafe, our experts recommend getting help from a certified roofing contractor. Aside from being able to check your gutters, the pros can also provide other services related to residential roofing systems.

Avoid Legionnaire’s disease with gutters installed and maintained by our experts. Balken Roofing is the leading roofing contractor in Asheville, NC. You can call us at 828-662-3027 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.


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