Why Skylights and Sun Tunnels Are a Good Idea for Your Home

Homeowners are always on the lookout for the best home improvement projects that will boost the energy efficiency, performance and curb appeal of their homes. If you’re one of these types of homeowners, then installing skylights and sun tunnels just might be for you. In this article, residential roofing systems company Balken Roofing discusses the advantages of skylights and sun tunnels, and why they might be a good idea for your home.

Skylights as an Alternative to Windows

Skylights are basically windows that are installed on the roof. Their primary purpose is daylighting, which is the practice of placing various fenestration where the sunlight hits. Skylights are ideal for homes with limited window placement options. Unlike traditional windows, skylights are positioned in such a way that other people can’t easily peer in, providing some much-needed privacy, especially in homes built close to other houses.

Sun Tunnels as an Alternative to Skylights

Sun tunnels, also known as solar tubes or tubular skylights, channel sunlight by means of a light-capturing dome mounted on a metal flashing. There is a pipe or a “tunnel” connecting the dome to the light diffuser, which is situated on the ceiling of the room where light is needed. Due to its complexity, installation is best done by professional local roofing contractors.

Sun tunnels are a good option if you’re only after natural light and not a view. They also prevent overheating and excess light during warmer weather. Both skylights and sun tunnels can be a good addition to your home. They both achieve two important goals, namely, to achieve optimal natural lighting and to maximize energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lights.

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