Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Bring daylight indoors with a quality Velux Skylight or Sun Tunnel ®.

Brighten up your dark room or space with natural lighting

Skylights & Sun Tunnels are a perfect way to bring natural light into your home.Not only does a Skylight or Sun Tunnel bring daylight indoors, they are also energy efficient. In order for the Skylights & Sun Tunnels ® to be beneficial they must be installed correctly. Our factory trained and certified skylight installation crew can add light to your dark room or replace a leaky skylight. Our skilled and professional estimator will walk you through the variety of styles and sizes that fit your room or space.


SUN TUNNELS® Are a great way to add natural daylight to areas of your home or business that feel closed off and dark. Most homeowners have them installed in bathrooms, hallways, or closets. Brighter and more comfortable living areas are within your grasp! Balken Roofing and Asheville Skylight offer these great units starting at $950.00 installed. All standard installations include the VELUX 10 year no leak warranty.  We can install one of these great units in a single afternoon. That means no drywall work, no painting, and more free time to enjoy your home.


Asheville Skylight

Skylights are your perfect option for maximum daylight. Common areas for skylights include living rooms, great rooms, and kitchens. We can replace your existing skylights with a better or more effecient unit, or install a new skylight in your existing roof. Skylights are available with as many options as you could think of.

  • Electrical remote control options, blinds, vents, and solar power available.
  • Lower energy cost with free lighting and venting allows warm air to escape cooling off your home
  • Makes your space open and airy
  • Leak proof
  • Can visually expand interior space
  • Makes small spaces feel bigger

For a limited time, certain installations are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, call for details.

Call Balken Roofing today 828-628-0390 Asheville or fill out an estimate request form to set up an on-site consultation to bring daylight into your dark room or space.

At Balken Roofing, we are a Velux 5 Star factory trained and certified installer (Asheville) and offer all of the Velux Skylights & Sun Tunnels. We also offer all the accessories for the Skylights & Sun Tunnels, to view all the Skylight & Sun Tunnels and options go to: Trust your home only with the best. We will install your new energy star Velux Skylight or Sun Tunnel with peace of mind.