Roof Maintenance

Lengthen the life of your roof?

Cracked pipe boots need to be replaced as soon as they are noticed!

Just as you schedule teeth cleanings and regular car maintenance once or twice a year same goes for the roof over your head. The roof over your head protects your investment and more importantly the many things you love. After installing your new roof typically it’s the last thing on your mind. Any roofing defects that may arise need to be addressed, if these defects are not addressed the life of your roof can be shortened. Most roofing contractors fail to mention to homeowners or property owners the importance of roof maintenance. Many homes around Asheville and Western North Carolina have their home or businesses re-roofed prematurely just because of the mere fact their roof was not maintained regularly.


After three generations of roofing experience, Balken Roofing understands ignoring any potential defects or issues that arise need to be addressed sooner than later. No matter how small the issue, it can potentially lead to more serious issues that can be extremely expensive. If you intend to get everything you possibly can out of your roof, the minimal cost of a roof maintenance program including inspections is a must!

After spending your hard earned money, enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you are getting everything out of your new roof. In order to protect your investment to its highest potential call Balken Roofing so we can set up an individual maintenance program for your home or building. Call today at 828-628-0390 Asheville, or request information on our estimate request form.

Missing shingles need to be addressed, but may also be a sign that your roof should be replaced soon.

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