Is your roof ready for Winter?

Consumers in Asheville and Western North Carolina, take advantage of these useful tips because lack of winter roofing preparation to your home can cause tremendous damage and costly home repairs.

Wet winters are quite common for the Asheville Area and can lead to roof damages to your shingle roof system. Here are a few tips to ensure your roof is protected during these wet winter months. Trust Balken Roofing to ensure your home is protected this winter season.

roof ice damming


ice damming

Ice damming is particularly after a significant snowfall. The ice damming creates a barrier that restricts the melted snow to drain properly from the roof to the gutter system. The fluctuating temperatures consistent with an Asheville winter can cause ice to melt and re-freeze multiple times on the surface of your roof. One way to prevent ice dams is to remove the leaves and twigs that block the waterways in the valleys and clog the gutters system. It would be beneficial to have a gutter guard system installed by our team of professionals to prevent debris from interfering with the drainage off of your roof and into the gutter system.

ROOF MAINTENANCEroof maintenance

The winter months are here, meaning high winds, snow, and ice can damage your home. It is important you have your roof inspected to ensure your roof can sustain this winter season. After any heavy rain or snow storm, check your ceiling for water stains. If water stains are apparent, don’t wait get these fixed right away! It’s better to have a small repair fixed early than waiting for extensive damage with an expensive price tag. Even if you have a new roof, don’t wait to begin maintenance! Maintenance is a must no matter the age of your roof. Don’t prematurely re-roof your home because the proper maintenance was not taken this winter season.


Call a professional! It’s quite dangerous to be climbing onto your roof with or without it snow covered. We will come take a look at your home and provide a FREE no obligation estimate. We want to ensure you are safe, so don’t hesitate to call our team of professionals to help protect your home from ice damming and ensure proper roof maintenance is taken this winter season.

Call our Balken team today, 828-628-0390 or fill out an estimate request form to ensure your roof is properly protected this winter season. We look forward to providing a FREE-no obligation estimate to ensure your home is safe during these wet winter months ahead.



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