Is Your Roof Prone to Wind Damage?

You don’t need to be an expert on residential roofing systems to know that poorly maintained roofs are more vulnerable to wind damage than well-maintained ones. Wind-related damage can either be direct or indirect. Indirect wind damage is typically a result of objects (called ‘missiles’) thrown around by strong gusts of air. These missiles can displace tiles, damage shingles and dent sheet metal roofs. On the other hand, direct damage is caused by the wind itself without any external objects.

Is Your Roof Prone to Wind Damage?

While most roofing systems are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, some roofs are better-suited to hold up under adverse conditions than others. Let our experts at Balken Roofing explain a few factors that can make your roof prone to wind-related damage.

Proper Maintenance

Whatever the type of material you have for a roof, it’s likely fastened by some adhesive system. Unfortunately, these fasteners are typically the first to give under high wind speeds. Slate fasteners, in particular, show a marked vulnerability to deterioration. You can avoid roof failures by ensuring that your roof gets regular and quality roofing services. Early problem detection is the number one defense from wind damage.

Age of Your Roof

Your roof’s current condition can also be a determining factor on how well it holds out against high winds. Older roofing materials are usually more prone to damage and failure compared to newer systems. As manufacturing and building codes as well as technology get updated and improve every year, you can expect newer materials to always be more resistant to common roofing problems, including wind damage.

Installation and Materials

It’s understandable that some materials are simply stronger than others. However, the design of your roof also plays a vital role in its resistance to damage. Additionally, your local roofing contractor’s quality of work can also have an impact on the strength of your system.

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