Is It Possible to Repair Damaged Roof Decking?

Not all homeowners are familiar with all the components that make up residential roofing systems. Sure, they probably know what shingles are and can maybe even point out their roof’s flashing, but what about the stuff that’s underneath? One of the most important structural components of your roof is the decking. If it gets damaged, then it is definitely not something that you want to ignore. 

What Is a Roof Deck?

Also known as sheathing, your roof deck is the layer of materials that is below the felt underlayment and directly above the rafters. Roofers typically build it using plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). Aside from giving your roof structural stability and tying all the roofing components together, it also moderates moisture levels in your home. 

Roof Deck Damage

Roof decking can be damaged from excess moisture or heavy snow loads. Damage can also occur in areas where there are missing shingles. While most shingles are rated to last for about 20 years, the life expectancy of roof decking varies depending on the quality materials used and your local climate. Another huge factor that determines its longevity is the skill of the local roofing contractors who installed it in the first place.

Unfortunately, when roof decking becomes damaged, it cannot be repaired. This is because damaged decking is usually caused by rain and snow-related rot so it definitely needs to be replaced if you want your roof to remain structurally sound. Common signs that your roof deck has sustained damage is a leaky roof, stains on the ceilings or walls and a sagging ceiling as well mold or mildew growth in the attic.

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