How a New Roof Can Save You Money

A new roof is one of the biggest things you’ll ever have to purchase for your home. What most homeowners don’t realize is that a new roof is also an investment that can actually help save you money. Balken Roofing, one of the leading local roofing contractors in the area, elaborates on this claim below.

New Roof Can Save Money

New Roofs Have New Underlayment

The layer underneath the shingles is what you call the underlayment. It’s a synthetic “peel and stick” system that acts as a secondary moisture barrier, which protects the wooden parts of the roof below the shingles. Old roofs will probably have most of their underlayment worn down. With a new roof, you ensure that your roof and the rest of your home has better moisture protection, allowing it to better handle water intrusion coming from the shingles.

Storm-Proof Roofs

An old roof will probably have an outdated method of “strapping” it onto the house to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged by a storm or hurricane. As such, failing to replace an old roof in time might end up disastrous for you. New residential roofing systems have updated straps that keep them safe from storms and better equipped to handle strong winds.

Better Shingle Wind Rating

Similarly, installing a new roof nets you with shingles with increased shingle wind rating. Considering that wind ratings for shingles have increased dramatically in the last ten years, your home’s existing shingles might be at even greater risk from wind damage if you don’t replace the roof.

New Roofs Comply With Building Codes

Finally, replacing your old roof means you’re guaranteeing that your property is up to current building codes and standards. This can positively affect your home’s insurance rates on top of ensuring the safety of your family.

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