How a Nearby Tree Can Damage Your Roof

Trees are common in residential properties. It’s a wonderful addition to a home’s landscape and offers benefits such as added shade or cleaner air. However, there are times when certain trees pose danger to some properties. Local roofing contractors like Balken Roofing often advise homeowners about their potential dangers and how to prevent damage from trees.

The following are some information you might want to check out regarding tree dangers:

Tree Roots Can Potentially Damage Your Foundation

Huge tree roots can cause damage to the foundation of your house if the building has pre-existing cracks. It can also “lift” the foundation if the root extends underneath the house or make the soil too dry or too loose, sapping its strength. This will eventually cause the structure to sink.

Trees as Fire Hazards

If you have trees which are situated too close to your home, it may become a fire hazard. Flames will spread faster with access to tree leaves and branches.

Leaves and Branches Block Gutters

Tree leaves and broken branches can clog your gutters. This will cause ice dams or worse, leaks on your residential roofing systems.

Tree Branches Can Lead Pests Into Your Home

Rodents and various types of insects can easily access your home if you have a tree growing near your home.

Large Branches Can Damage Roof Shingles

Large tree branches can scratch and damage your roof shingles, especially during storms or extreme wind conditions. Even your hired roofing experts for quality roofing services can’t help you prevent damage if you have a huge tree in the way.

You can contact your local roofing contractor to learn more about potential tree dangers that can happen to your home. Talk to a reliable expert and ask them about preventive measures or sound solutions. For high-quality roofing services in Asheville, NC, you can call Balken Roofing. Call us at (828) 202-9996 for more details and roofing inquiries.