Happy Spring!

Spring Showers
Spring is finally here!!  The winter seemed quite harsh considering the blistering cold temperatures and decent amount of snow accumulation around Western North Carolina.  To say the least, our Balken Roofing team is certainly ready for warmer weather.  As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” but when applied to roofing it should be, “April showers bring April and May roof leaks!”

If your roof is leaking, it should be repaired as soon as possible.  The consistent presence of moisture in your home due to water intrusion can cause rotted wood, mold, and far more expensive interior home repairs.  Let’s make a smart decision and get this taken care of before the April showers.  We have a long history of diagnosing leaky roofs and assessing the damage the leak has caused.  We pride ourselves on giving an honest evaluation of your leaky roof or any other roofing issues including gutters, skylights, sun tunnels, and more.

If the life of your roof is beyond repairing and you don’t have a new roof budgeted, let’s simply sit down and talk about the different financing options our Balken team has available.  Call our Balken repair team today, 828-628-0390 to evaluate and fix your leaky roof before the April showers or fill out an estimate request form.



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