Essentials to Look for in Residential Roofing Warranties

A roofing project is a significant investment that covers a lot of bases. This is why it’s important to have it covered by a residential roofing warranty so that you can have peace of mind as a homeowner should anything untoward happen to it. However, there are a few important details you have to look out for in warranties so that you have a great chance of getting the most out of your roofing system. Here are the essential things you need to pay attention to when looking at residential roofing warranties.

Warranty Coverage

The first thing you’ll need to inspect is the warranty’s true coverage. There’s a lot of fine print when it comes to warranties since some of them only cover the materials while others only cover anything labor-related. If possible, you want your warranty to cover as many cases as it can. If it isn’t possible, ask your roofer if you can purchase separate warranties for them to be covered.

Warranty Limitations

While it’s good to have warranties, these aren’t enough to keep your roof safe. For instance, your warranty may not cover an issue if it’s outside of its scope. A manufacturing warranty cannot cover any service errors committed. Also, it’s worth noting that limitations can change, so it’s important to have these details ironed out by your trusted roofer.

Warranty Duration

The life of a roofing warranty can vary from company to company or the materials used. For instance, it’s standard practice for asphalt shingles to have warranties for up to 20 years, but you should choose offer longer terms. This enables you to maximize your coverage and get the most out of your roof without any worries.

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