Balken Re-Roof Process

Our team here at Balken Roofing will be with you every step of the way during the re-roofing process. From the moment when we step foot on your home or business to when the last nail or scrap debris is picked up from around your home. We are here for you, the customer.

Initial call or website visit

Depending if you call in and speak with one of the Balken Roofing team members or you submit an online estimate request form, we will gather your information and schedule a convenient time you can meet with one of our trained and qualified estimators for an on-site visit.

Scheduled estimate

After you call or visit our website, one of our experienced Balken roofing consultants will visit your home or business upon your convenience. While the roofing consultant is at your home or business he or she will evaluate and discuss your roof’s current conditions. Based on these findings we will discuss repair or replacement options. According to the consultants findings we will provide recommendations on your roofing needs (if any) and the process to get these roofing repairs or roof replacement underway. Balken Roofing is a three generation roofing company and our roofing consultants are highly trained and professional. We pride ourselves in discussing your roofing needs not by just selling you a new roof but by properly determining your roofs fix whether it be a repair or a roof replacement.

Our Project Proposal

After your Balken Roofing consultant finishes your on-site evaluation, our Balken team will carefully prepare a complete assessment estimate based from the on-site visit. You will receive a complete proposal including complete details, photographs, and recommendations (if needed) for work as well as possible options. The contents of our estimate will include the area of work, materials, permits if necessary, warranties, and process in order to complete the work, as well as the cost. If you have any questions about your proposal we will answer any questions you may have to your satisfaction.

Project Confirmation

Once your Balken Roofing proposal is accepted and signed, we will schedule your project. The project start date depends on weather forecasts, expected delivery time of any special order materials, as well as your schedule.

Your Project Begins

As we begin, the Balken Roofing team will take the necessary precautions to make sure your home and its surrounding landscaping is protected and covered so we can begin to remove your old roof. As we remove your old roof, we will inspect for any roof decking damage. Roof decking damage develops from water intrusion causing wood to rot or termites. These findings will be reported to you and we will make necessary repairs (if needed) at an additional cost.

Your Project Installation

After your project manager’s approval all necessary roof decking has been replaced (if any), our skilled crew will begin installing your new roofing system. Our Balken team will pay close attention to detail as we are installing top quality materials as stated in the proposal. When your roof installation is complete we will take the time to clean out any debris out of your gutters, remove all debris, and properly clean the ground around your home using a magnet sweep for nails, leaving it to its original condition.

The Completion of your Project

Once your new roof installation is complete, the skilled project manager will check your new roof for the precise standards of Balken Roofing. We will answer any questions regarding your new roof, discuss warranties, and when all questions are answered he will present you with the final bill. We will provide you with maintenance tips to lengthen the life of your new roof and information about our exciting referral program. As always, we want to ensure you are another completely satisfied Balken Roofing customer.