Dispelling the Myths Behind Eco-Friendly Roofs

Eco-friendly roofs are rising in popularity and are widely touted as a necessary first step to being environmentally conscious. And while the benefits of eco-roofing have been tested and proven, its rising popularity has made it a victim of general assumptions and misconceptions. This is especially true for “green” roofs that quite literally have vegetation on the surface.

Dispelling the Myths Behind Eco-Friendly Roofs

As one of your trusted local roofing contractors, Balken Roofing discusses the true facts behind eco-friendly roofing myths.

Myth: Eco-Friendly Roofs Are Leaky

Truth: This is a common assumption due to insufficient understanding of how eco-friendly roofs work. In truth, a leaky roof has more to do with how it’s installed rather than what it’s made of. There is actually no evidence that green roofs are more susceptible to leaks.

In fact, in the case of living roofs, the presence of greenery actually serves as another waterproofing barrier, and ample roof barriers prevent the roots from digging deep into the roof. Combined with other eco-friendly roofing, like metal, they’re also more water-resistant.

Myth: Green Roofs Are Only for Eco-Friendly Buildings

Truth: Your home doesn’t necessarily have to be eco-friendly to have a green roof. In fact, your first step to being more environmentally conscious is to switch to eco-friendly roofing systems. As part of our comprehensive quality roofing services, we can help you transition from a traditional roof to a more sustainable roofing solution.

Myth: Green Roofs Are Difficult to Irrigate

Truth: Living roofs are rather simple to maintain. While they do require a tailor-fit irrigation in the beginning, maintaining the vegetation on the roof is as easy as watering them once a week. You can even add water-storing plants that naturally water your roof while improving its appearance. Ultimately though, the irrigation your roof needs is dependent on your location’s climate.

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