Debunking 4 Myths About Flat Roofs

Each type of roof has its own advantages. Unfortunately, some roof types don’t get the same recognition as other roof designs due to the myths that are still widely believed about them. In today’s article, roof repair service company Balken Roofing debunks four myths about flat roofs.

1. Flat Roofs Are Prone to Leaks and Pooling Water

This piece of misinformation most likely has something to do with the pitch of flat roofs, but don’t let the name fool you. Flat roofs are not completely flat. In fact, the minimum recommended pitch for flat roofs is a quarter of an inch for every one foot of horizontal run. This optimal pitch allows proper drainage to take place. All types of roof are susceptible to leaks – it all just boils down to how well they are constructed.

2.  Flat Roofs Are Expensive

The actual cost of your residential and commercial roof installation will depend on a variety of factors, such as material and roof surface area. Contrary to popular belief, building a flat roof actually costs less because it uses fewer materials than steep roofs.

3. Flat Roofs Can’t Support Heavy Snow Loads

Perhaps, one of the reasons why property owners in areas that experience heavy snowfall are hesitant about choosing flat roofs is because of the wrong belief that flat roofs cannot support heavy snow loads. The truth is that a well-constructed roof, regardless of the slope, is designed to withstand excess weight, including snow.

4. Flat Roofs Cannot Be Insulated

Insulation depends on the need and not on the roof pitch. For flat roofs, special considerations have to be taken into account, but they can still be insulated.

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