Choosing a Cool Roof – Go Green or White?

Having a roof that can keep your home cool is always a great thing, but which residential roofing systems can actually do that? The best local roofing contractors in the area have a rundown on two particular options – green roofs and white roofs.

Choosing a Cool Roof – Go Green or White?

Green Roofs

Green roofs are defined by the presence of vegetation on the roof surface. The plants and the substrate provide a physical barrier that prevents heat from getting through while also acting as a cooling material courtesy of the plant’s respiration. Green roofs can have plants directly on the surface or situated on a raised platform.

White Roofs

White roofs are roofs that use very light colors to increase their cooling efficiency. Because lighter colors tend to bounce off more heat (and sunlight), the roof ends up absorbing less heat that can pass through the surface. Installing white roofs is quick and easy, and can last for years with the right quality roofing services.

Cost and Efficiency

Choosing between the two boils down to your choice between upfront cost and long-term efficiency. Green roofs offer better heat reduction, but it requires more maintenance than a white roof. On the other hand, a white roof is more affordable and requires less maintenance, but has limited heat reduction performance.

Working With the Pros

Regardless of which option you pick, the best way to get the most out of a cool roof is to make sure it is installed according to manufacturer specifications. Residential roofing systems must only be installed by certified local contractors if you want any guarantee that their performance won’t be affected by problems related to poor quality materials or workmanship.

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