5 Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Every commercial roofing system needs proper care to reach the end of its life span. However, every property manager has a unique definition of maintenance. If you give your roof the attention you think it needs instead of the love it actually deserves, it could fail more quickly.

5 Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the costliest commercial roof care mistakes property owners make:

  1. Having Incomplete Maintainable Roof Elements

Any commercial roof installation specialist would tell you that roofing systems must possess certain qualities to simplify inspections and repairs. Proper drainage, safe but limited access, adequate equipment clearance and sufficient space around penetrations are some of the design elements maintainable roofs share.

  1. Neglecting Insulation

Ample insulation increases not only the building’s energy efficiency, but also the roof’s performance. It must be professionally inspected on a regular basis to stay on top of its condition. Otherwise, the excessive heat your property allows to escape might also accelerate your roofing system’s deterioration.

  1. Not Addressing Leaks

Addressing roof leaks urgently is the mark of a responsible property owner. You should, however, have identified the problem before your roof started leaking. In most cases, leaks only occur when roof problems remained unaddressed for too long. Since they don’t work themselves out, you have to schedule inspections proactively and invest in roof repair services before minor issues become huge headaches. Roof leaks can be caused by a plethora of sources, from built up debris to improper initial installation. Always consult a roofing professional to accurately diagnose your roof leaks in a timely manner.

  1. Procrastinating Repairs

Regardless of the severity, don’t put roof issues on the back burner. Not knowing about such problems is bad, but putting off repairs after learning about them is even worse. In the end, your inaction might cost you your roof warranty or even a sizeable pile of cash.

  1. DIYing Fixes

The worst you can do to your roof is to try to be a hero when it comes to repairs. You may DIY the job to save on labor, but you might pay for the roof replacement cost several years too early with costly workmanship errors. We’ve truly seen it all up on commercial buildings, from duct-tape to flex-seal, and even plastic bags!

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