Ways to Protect Commercial Roofs From Harsh Winter Weather

Snow, ice, high winds, and winter weather can be damage to your commercial roof. Your roofing system can see significant damage if it’s not prepared for these conditions. Make sure to get an inspection and complete necessary repairs before winter comes.

Here are ways to prepare your commercial roof for winter from local roofing contractors

Roof Inspections

Never attempt to climb up the roof and do the inspection yourself, especially if you have a steep roof. For your safety, leave this job to professionals. Roofers know which parts of your roof to look for damage and have proper tools and safety equipment to do so. 

Your contractor should look for loose chimney caps, vent covers, and loose files, shingles, or flashings. They should address loose flashings and secure the metal trim to prevent moisture infiltration. Screws and fasteners should be tightened and attachments like antennas, security cameras, and lightning protection should be secured. Make sure to hire a trusted provider of quality roofing services to handle your metal roof. 


Debris on the roof should be cleaned from debris. Tennis and soccer balls are common sightings on single-story roofs, especially in schools. Any loose wiring and conduit should be safely and properly removed from the roof. Anything that isn’t part of the roofing system or essential to it, should be removed. 

Proper Drainage

Standing water on the roof can freeze and ice can clog drains, scuppers, gutters, conductor heads, and downspouts. Prevent this problem by making sure that the drainage system is free from clogs. Inspect the roof drains for vegetation buildup. To test the functionality of the roof drains, take a garden hose and let the water run down each drain. Do the same for through-wall scuppers and downspouts. 

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