Offering the best products & materials

We offer top quality products and materials from the largest suppliers of roofing materials in the nation. To say the least, we are proud to partner with ABC Supply Co. and other quality suppliers in making sure you are properly protecting your investment with exceptional products installed by the leading certified contractor in the Asheville area.

Protecting your investment

protect your investmentYour home is likely your greatest investment, protecting that investment should be a priority. Installing a new roof on your home is a very important decision you will make in your lifetime. In making this decision, you want to make sure you are getting top quality materials, products, and roofing contractor for your home. At Balken Roofing we install quality roofing brands from the top roofing manufacturers in the nation. We will be with you from start to finish through the decision process in making sure you have the quality of a Balken roof. A roof installed by Balken Roofing gives protection, quality, and peace of mind.

Start the Process

We want to help you every step of the way in making sure you are installing the quality products by a certified installer that cares about your home or building. Set up an appointment with Balken Roofing today, as we will be more than happy to offer any roofing services you may need. Please give us a call today at 828-628-0390 or fill out our estimate form to schedule an appointment with our professional and qualified estimators.