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Fall Maintenance Checklist


roof maintenance in fall We know it’s tough but don’t get caught up in pumpkin carving, apple picking, and colorful fall hikes.  Take responsibility and make sure your home is ready for the cold months rapidly approaching.  Our Balken Roofing team has prepared a checklist to do before Old Man Winter comes knocking on your door.  You’ll want to make sure your home and business structures are ready for winter with this fall maintenance checklist because there is nothing worse than getting the first snowfall of the season and your not prepared.





  1. Insulate water pipes in areas exposed to cold temperatures and remember to crank up the thermostat a bit during extra cold periods.
  2. Have your chimney cleaned and maintained every year by a reputable professional.  Build up can lead to a chimney fire.  If you have fires regularly, your chimney should be inspected once a year. *Schedule a yearly visit to avoid a long wait during the busy season.
  3. Check for damage to your roof visually from the ground, looking for missing or damaged shingles.  Debris such as branches and leaves can accumulate in valleys and cause blocked waterways.  Bob Balken, owner at Balken Roofing suggests homeowners to receive an annual roof inspection by a qualified, licensed and insured local roofing contractor to avoid these unwanted roofing issues.  Ask our team at Balken Roofing to set up an annual or bi-annual roofing maintenance program to prolong the life of you roof.  The buildup of debris should be removed from the roof and gutters and pipe flashing and chimney flashings inspected.  *Maintenance is key so you are not prematurely re-roofing your home*
  4. Have your gutters cleaned and checked as leaves can clog your gutter system causing water buildup and damage to your roof.  *Be sure downspouts carry the water away from the foundation on your home .*
  5. Have your furnace cleaned and inspected by a qualified technician. This should be done annually. Don’t forget to clean or replace the filter!
  6. Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under the dryer. Remove all lint, dust, and any other material.  Every year, there are many deaths, injuries, and property loss due to dryer fires.
  7. Keep a fire extinguisher accessible. Make sure it is filled and ready for operation.
  8. Check smoke detectors. Make sure there is one on each floor of your home.  Change the battery annually or when necessary.

Be sure to check off your fall maintenance checklist.  If you need assistance with your roof or gutters call our Balken Roofing team today, 828-628-0390 Asheville or 843-352-2349 Charleston for your free no-obligation estimate.  We will set up a time for a Balken team member to meet with you and assess your roofing needs.


Don’t be fooled, be smart!

April fools 1

Don’t be fooled, BE SMART!

  • Receive at least three estimates on your project to help you make an educated decision
  • Check for a long local history of fully satisfied customers
  • Check Licenses
  • Verify the contractor’s insurance is still valid by CALLING.
  • Check with references you are provided
  • Get EVERYTHING in writing
  • Check for complaints and reviews through different agencies such as BBB or Angie’s List
  • Use the contractor that you KNOW will deliver to you what is promised and done right the first time

With the economy just now beginning to recover, many companies and contractors went out of business over the past few years.  With the industry beginning to pick up be sure to take account a few very important questions:

  • Are contractors taking shortcuts you may not know about?
  • Are contractors more than ever cheating customers in order to save time & money?
  • Are contractors paying their material suppliers on time or even at all?
  • Are contractors delivering the high-quality products and fine craftsmanship they have been promised?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, sadly in many cases you would be correct.  Due to the hard times over the last few years with the economic down fall, many contractors began taking shortcuts to cut cost.  Cheaper prices but cheating the homeowner of the high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship promised.   A cheap job cost should often be a red flag, especially in this industry.  Consumers need to think about where the discounts are coming from and realize more than likely, the cheaper price is coming directly out of the quality of their project and investment.

Bottom line, don’t be fooled on April fool’s day by imitation contractors over promising and under delivering!   Trust your instincts and contact a professional with a long local history of completely satisfied customers!  Give us a call today, 828-628-0390 or fill out an estimate request form for your FREE no-obligation estimate.


Happy Spring!

Spring Showers
Spring is finally here!!  The winter seemed quite harsh considering the blistering cold temperatures and decent amount of snow accumulation around Western North Carolina.  To say the least, our Balken Roofing team is certainly ready for warmer weather.  As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” but when applied to roofing it should be, “April showers bring April and May roof leaks!”

If your roof is leaking, it should be repaired as soon as possible.  The consistent presence of moisture in your home due to water intrusion can cause rotted wood, mold, and far more expensive interior home repairs.  Let’s make a smart decision and get this taken care of before the April showers.  We have a long history of diagnosing leaky roofs and assessing the damage the leak has caused.  We pride ourselves on giving an honest evaluation of your leaky roof or any other roofing issues including gutters, skylights, sun tunnels, and more.

If the life of your roof is beyond repairing and you don’t have a new roof budgeted, let’s simply sit down and talk about the different financing options our Balken team has available.  Call our Balken repair team today, 828-628-0390 to evaluate and fix your leaky roof before the April showers or fill out an estimate request form.



Home Garden & Green Living Show

Asheville Home Show RoofingThe countdown begins, we are one week away from The Home Garden & Green Living Show at the U.S. Cellular, in Downtown Asheville, NC!  We look forward to connecting with you in person.  We will have roofing experts on hand to answer any roof repair or new roof replacement questions that you may have.

We are so eager to share information about the No Roof Left Behind program kicking off this month!  As entries come in for the No Roof Left Behind nominees in the Western North Carolina area, the ultimate result will be one truly deserving family in need of a FREE roof this Fall.  Which means we will have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the life of an individual or family in the Western North Carolina area.  We’re so excited for and look forward to hearing the stories of creditable homeowners in extreme need of a safe, high quality, new roofing system.

Take a little time out of your weekend to enjoy the Home Garden & Green Living Show and stop by our Balken Roofing booth #92 & sister company Asheville Skylight booth #91.  We look forward to meeting you at the Home Garden & Green Living Show in just a little over a week!  See you then!!!